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Unlocking potential

one Polynesian student at a time

IPOLY Tutoring and Services offers tutoring services to primary and high school students, focusing on subjects like English, math, and more. Dedicated to Polynesian students, we aim to make a positive impact by instilling confidence, igniting their aspirations, and fostering a love for learning.

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At iPoly Tutor, our sole purpose is to inspire & teach each individual student in a way THEY will understand.  
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Annarosa Paselio

Hello & welcome to iPOLY my name is Annarosa Paselio, I am 25 years old and I am the owner and main tutor at iPoly tutoring services. As a Samoan/Niuean myself, I felt the pressure to succeed and do well for my family, so if you're a parent and your child is not responding to school in the way you've hoped, let me offer them a different perspective and way of learning. I'm here to channel the most effective learning techniques specifically suitable for your child and I am here to motivate and support students in any way I can. 

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